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About Scarlet41

Meaningful Partnerships that Empower Lives

Transform youth by exposing them to ‘Once in a Lifetime’ opportunities. Create an enabling environment for them to realise their fullest potential through partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned institutions, companies and brands.

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Our main Mission

Promote Leadership and Encourage Participation

Scarlet41 (S41) is a registered non-profit global organization with over 8 years’ experience driving solutions to social challenges around the world, operating in over 17 countries within Europe, MENA, APAC and the Caribbean, whilst also creating important global partnerships, driving investment in human capital (youth and young adults) and creating opportunities to interface with high level multinational corporations, academia, public and private individuals, governments and institutions.

Programmes Run


Engaged Youth



Become a Member of Scarlet41

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Get involved with our bespoke programmes, workshops, committees and activities, as we work toward building the future under these thematic objectives

Community Reinvestment


Business, Sports & Culture


Diplomacy & Intl Engagement

Foreign Affairs

Politics & The Creative Arts

Civil Society
Helpful information

Before You Join Scarlet41

Why should I join Scarlet41?

A vibrant, exclusive, intellectual and high-value community. Characterised by prestigious local and global networks, once in a lifetime opportunities and a well-established culture of rigour and excellence.

Is there a cost to membership?

Yes, we have recently introduced membership fees to help run the organisation effectively. The fee breakdown is as follows:
  • Monthly $450.00
  • Annual $1,500.00
  • Lifetime $6,000.00
We offer a fee waiver on a case by case basis.

What are the benefits to membership?

  1. Humanitarian/Charitable Airfare
  2. Certificate of Membership
  3. Membership Card
  4. The Masterclass Programme
  5. Local, Regional & Intl Trips
  6. Workshops, Training & Retreats
  7. The S41 Social Media Platform 
  8. S41 Rewards Programme 
  9. Access to High-Value Network
  10. Committee & Advisory Assignments

Can I join the S41 Rewards Programme?

The S41 Rewards & Loyalty Programme is only available to subscribed members of the organisation. All subscribers will access up to 20% off in major stores in Trinidad & Tobago.

Support and donation

Thanks to Donations, You Can Support Our Agenda

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